Animazioni 3

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Withstand coproduce and support the distribution of Animazioni 3, amazing project by OTTOmani laboratori and Vivacomix‬ , curated by Andrea Martignoni and Paola Bristot.
Animazioni 3 is a collection of great short films by different italian artists: Leonardo Carrano, Giuseppe Spina, Mauro Carraro, ‪‎RobertoCatani‬,‪‎ MichelaDonini‬, ‪‎KatiaRinaldi‬, ‪‎UrsulaFerrara‬, Daniele Galliano, Magda Guidi, Mara Cerri, Igor Imhoff, Victoria Musci, Francesco Forti, NadiaAbate‬, Federica Pagnucco, Thomas Renoldner, Linda Wolfsgruber,‪ AlviseRenzini‬,‪ StefanoRIcci‬, Donato Sansone, Rino Stefano Tagliafierro,‪ FabioTonetto‬.


“Animazioni”, the anthology of animated shorts is back! Following the success of the first two editions here who is preparing the realization of DVD of the third selection of Italian animated film: a curious glance and without prejudices about the world of italian contemporary production.

Animation by Italian authors has, in these last five years, had the chance to develop by finding a skill in international communications, to which also the “Animazioni” (“Animations”) collections have contributed, so it is with renewed enthusiasm that we have reached number 3!
The orientation towards a European and transnational circulation of artistic movements is confirmed by the productions, co-productions and collaborations involving also other countries. Our horizons are not limited only to Italy, but start in Italy with a view to extending the possibilities of communication abroad.
The quality of the films, characterized by a decisive stylistic, technical and expressive differentiation, motivates us to go ahead with promoting and circulating them.


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