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Game Of The Year 2021

Director: Alessandro Redaelli
Production: Davide Ferazza | Withstand
Executive Producer: Davide Ferazza, Alessandro Giorgio | Withstand
Writers: Alessandro Redaelli, Ruggero Melis, Daniele Fagone
DoP: Alessandro Redaelli

Edit: Alessandro Redaelli, Ruggero Melis, Daniele Fagone
Music: Ruggero Melis
Sound Design: Lorenzo Dal Ri
Color Correction: Orash Rahnema

Ita 2021, col, 98′

Game of the Year is an ensemble observational documentary chronicling the daily lives and struggles of ten people involved in the gaming industry in Italy. Developers, pro-gamers, content creators: GotY, filmed over eighteen months all over the country, offers an intimate look at a community of people who chose videogames to express themselves. From indie designers working from their mom’s house to successful YouTubers with millions of followers, from aspiring pro-gamers working two jobs to globetrotting world champions, GotY is a story of dreams, trophies, and failures set against the backdrop of the biggest entertainment industry in the world.