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Embodies 2015

Client: Dries Van Noten
Director: Atelier Impopulaire
Digital Artifacts and Visual Effects: Elena Petitti di Roreto
Sounds: Claudio Rocchetti
Production: Dries Van Noten – Atelier Impopulaire – Withstand film

VideoHD, color, sound, 8’30’’, 2015

In Embodies, the creations of Dries Van Noten and John Everett Millais’s Ophelia meet for a psychedelic Picnic at Hanging Rock, where the transfiguration of bodies in textiles et vice versa takes place. A slow-motion noir based on suspended tensions, where the classical nature of the nymph meets its digital dopplegänger, and dresses start a dialogue with bodies transformed through layers of decomposing superimpositions that consume the images and end up revealing their ghosts.