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Glaucocamaleo 2013

Director: Luca Trevisani
DoP: Vassili Spiropoulos
Set Design:Carlo e Luca Trevisani
Edit: Angelo Teardo e Luca Trevisani
Music: Dracula Lewis, Esperanza, Massimo Carozzi, Luca Trevisani
Voice Off:Kary Mullis
Executive Producer: Luca Trevisani
Associate Producer: Davide Giannella

Davide Ferazza – Withstand Film
Luca Legnani – 9.99 Films
Sasha Gandolfi Vannini – Spazio
Marco Gandolfi Vannini – Spazio
Museo Marino Marini
Marco Ballerini
Luca Trevisani

Identity is a cloud. Let’s write down the book of water.
From the times of the Greeks and Latins, statues needed to exorcise the ephemeral nature of things, that is death itself.
GLAUCOCAMALEO is a film that , by contrast, celebrates mutability and the erosion of boundaries between things.